In Fall 2021 I took an Astronomy 101 course at Syracuse University. The professor told us for a final project, we can do any passion project of our own, as long as it relates to astronomy and information we learned over the semester.
I designed this Astronomy ABC's coffee table booklet to explore and further my design skills. I made the spreads in Adobe InDesign.
I made 2 illustrated letters per spread that corresponded to an astronomy term. I used Futura as the only typeface, as Futura was the typeface used on the plaque left by Apollo 11. 
I also designed 2 visual spreads to add some personality and artwork.
I've included a mockup at the top of this page, with the full spreads below.

Opening spread featuring a view of Earth from space illustrated, with a Carl Sagan quote.

Closing spread showing the Hubble Deep Space Field illustrated.

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